Research suggests that the number one gripe candidates have with recruitment agencies isn’t whether they find a new role through their consultant. It’s the lack of communication during the recruitment process. In particular when a candidate discusses an opportunity with a consultant and doesn’t hear anything subsequently.

Let’s examine the pyschology at play here. A new job for a candidate is fundamentally, life-changing. How easy it is for those of us in the recruitment industry to forget this basic truth.Candidates rightly feel let down when their Recruitment Consultant waxes lyrical about a new opportunity,  explains why it’s a good fit for the candidate’s criteria, and then they don’t hear anything further for weeks. If at all. This clearly has the potential to create a lack of faith. What though are the possible underlying reasons for not providing candidates with CV feedback.

Firstly, it may be the candidate has been rejected and the Consultant is striving to find other opportunites rather than give bad news. This might be human nature but is of course not best practice. Recruiters can, and should, do better. While recruitment software technology can help, the processes to imlement  candidate notification is often manual.

In our experience at Colloco Search though, there can also be a disconnect between client contacts receiving ‘another CV in the inbox’ and the emotional journey the candidate has been on. The recruitment journey is often up and down and it’s easy for people in recruitment to forget that each candidate experience is unique and needs to be managed.

While any glance on LinkedIn will highlight a plethora of complaints candidates have about recruitment, we believe that consistent communication – even if its bad news – is the first step to restoring integrity.

Going forward we will ask all clients for CV feedback within five working days, and will try harder to explain why this matters for candidates. We shall strive to update more regularly with candidates too.

If recruiters and recruitment line managers alike can try harder on communicating cv feedback, we believe candidates will start to increase their faith in the recruitment process.

This ‘easy win’ has the potential to make a big difference to candidates. We ask all clients and other recruiters alike to join us.