This bulletin is designed to update Agencies active in Live Experiences, (events, experiential, & sponsorship), with the sector’s latest candidate & hiring trends.


(1)    Live Experience Agencies continue to predict solid growth, in line with April’s Bellwether Report

Our Live Experience Agency clients remain very busy, with many predicting higher growth than the 4.9% reported in the latest Bellwether update.


(2)    This growth is fuelling high competition for agency talent, with demand for account handlers increasing again

Agency people with a live experience pedigree continue to be in short supply. During the last month we saw a further visible increase in the demand for client services people.


(3)    Continued campaign innovation requires candidates to keep pace with industry changes

Agencies are driving innovation, primarily by incorporating online, digital and interactive elements to campaigns. Devices, vehicles and venues are all becoming more intuitive. Candidates are expected to be aware of these trends.


(4)    Account Handling candidates are becoming increasingly selective

Live Experience client services candidates can afford to be reasonably choosy. Accordingly, candidates are now looking to tick more of their criteria boxes before even agreeing to be put forward for a role.


(5)    Live Experience candidates are time poor and tend to only want to meet a small number of agencies

Everyone’s darned busy in the sector. As such we see continued candidate demand for seeing less agencies. Three does seem to be the magic number, with candidates often receiving offers within a matter of weeks. As such, agencies need to be prepared to see candidates in the early evening.


(6)    Salary levels are only part of the overall Offer Package – an individual approach will increase the probability of a candidate accepting

This trend is true across the entire agency mix, not just within Live Experiences. We view Salary & bonus elements as hygiene factors. Yes, money needs to be market competitive and attractive but throwing cash at candidates is rarely essential. Rather, those agencies who offer tailored development plans, or exciting career progression, often achieve high acceptance rates. Tuning into the individual candidate is the key.


(7)    Live Experience Agencies prefer candidates with highly relevant experience 

In today’s economy there is much debate whether companies should hire for ‘CV experience’ or ‘Skills & Competencies’. While the latter approach increases the candidate pool, Live Experience agencies continue to favour candidates with specific expertise. Presumably to reduce client risk.


(8)    Smart Recruitment Tips can help give clients the edge in today’s candidate driven market

We’ve produced a number of tactical Smart Recruitment Tips for all clients. Please check out this article:


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