“Trust”. That’s the magic word in recruitment for me.

Having been in marketing & agency recruitment for the best part of 20 years, I understand why relationships between consultants & clients have changed.

Yes – technology, internal recruiting teams, cost pressures, social media & the fight for talent have all been drivers. But there’s something more human to consider.

Nearly every client I know wants better & fewer recruitment relationships. Nearly every consultant I know wants closer & fewer client relationships. See the contradiction? Or the opporunity.

Without going into a list of “Twenty ways to improve recruitment” can I suggest that a great starting point for all of us to consider is that, by and large, recruitment people want to do a GREAT job for their clients. It’s true.

When client / recruiter relationships start from a position of trust we find that everything else follows: hard work, marketing of the role & company, working through the candidate attraction and interview stages together, delicately managing the offer process, and so on.

I accept that recruiters and clients need to earn mutual trust over time. But I do think its time all parties in the recruitment process pulled together. Almost sounds like an odd concept doesn’t it?

To clients I recommend you open the proverbrial & literal door: let your consultants in to meet teams, help them better understand your culture and share your recruitment challenges.

To recruiters, I recommend we all strive to work harder and give honest feedback every step of the way.

As an industry can we all start to trust each other more? Thanks for reading.

Ben Vickers, Partner, Colloco Search